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Looking to see how Serviced Apartments In Dublin  can help you? We offer landlords the highest calibre clients on long term leases thus optimising the return on your property. To find out more see below.


Serviced Apartments in Dublin work on behalf of some of the worlds largest corporations and embassies to house their staff while in Dublin. Leases are usually signed for 1 year but, in some cases, due to clients needs this may be longer.

Some commonly asked questions can be answered below.



How long are leases?

Leases are usually 1 year but in most cases run for between 2-4 years.

Who pays the rent?

Serviced Apartments looks after the rent on behalf of the client and your rent will be paid for the whole tenure regardless of any other circumstances.


How many people stay in the apartments?

1 bedroom apartments have a max 2 people (ie a couple) and 2 bedroom apartments have a max of 3 people. In general, apartments are only occupied by 1 person at a time.


How many people will stay in the apartment in a 1 year period?

Generally, it is just 1 but some clients will have a max of up to 3 people stay in the apartment in a 1 year period. 


What does 'Serviced' mean?  

A serviced apartment combines the key comforts of a hotel with the benefits you get from renting your own space. We provide the convenience of a housekeeping service, fresh towel and linen change, free wi-fi, as well as the space and facilities you get with an apartment such as a fully equipped kitchen, washing machine and dishwasher.

Is there more wear and tear on the apartments?

Quite the opposite. Our apartments are cleaned weekly and undergo fortnightly maintenance checks in order to keep them to the highest standards. The apartments are occupied on average 287 nights a year.


Do you look after Maintenance?

We look after all general maintenance throughout the tenure (eg lights, appliance repair, painting. We can not repair any damage to fixtures caused by building deficiencies or by fire, flood as these are covered by block insurance.


Are you insured?

Yes we are fully insured for public liability.


What is the difference between Serviced Apartments and short lets?

Short lets are considered to be anything between 1 night and 1 month and offer accommodation to people coming on holidays or short business trips. We do not take such bookings and offer only corporate accommodation.


How much do you charge landlords?

There is no fee to landlords. The client covers this.

Why Serviced Apartments over a traditional rental? 

The major difference is the calibre of clients. We deal only with corporations or embassies. Apartments are cleaned and maintained weekly so therefore we ensure the apartments are always in excellent condition. Our business wouldn't survive

 without it.

Do you pay deposits?

Deposits are paid by post dated cheque dated to the last day of the tenancy.

If you are interested in working in conjunction with Serviced Apartments In Dublin or have any questions in relation to the service we offer, please feel free to contact us on 01 671 8389.

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